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Rogaine Side Effects – A Comprehensive Checklist


For potential users of Rogaine, side effects may not seem that serious. This is supported by the fact that Rogaine started out as a prescription only medication but since 1996 when the license came up for renewal, the FDA accepted the recommendation of an advisory committee that Rogaine be made available over the counter.

For the majority of users Rogaine side effects may be limited to an itchy scalp and skin irritation. However, if an individual is already receiving medication or has other medical conditions a closer look is advised to make sure Rogaine side effects do not create more serious health problems.

Here is a list of possible Rogaine side effects:

Adverse scalp conditions:

  • irritation
  • redness
  • dryness
  • flaking

Some users find a good anti-dandruff shampoo alleviates the problem. Users of Rogaine Extra Strength (5%) may wish to have a supply of the standard Rogaine (2%) and alternate them during the daily application. For example, the 2% could be used in the morning and the 5% at night.

Changes in blood pressure resulting in:

  • increased heartbeat
  • chest pains
  • headaches
  • fainting
  • breathing difficulties

Rogaine contains the drug Minoxidil which was originally prescribed to lower blood pressure in patients suffering with high blood pressure. As Minoxidil relaxes blood vessels to make blood circulation easier a small number of users may find it affects them in the ways described above.

In such cases it is advisable to stop using the medication and consult with your medical practitioner.

Increased hair loss

It may seem strange that one of the Rogaine side effects is hair loss seeing the medication is intended to halt hair loss and promote new growth.

It is understandable however when you realize that Rogaine causes changes in the hair follicle so that weaker hairs are discarded before making way for new hairs to grow.

This hair shedding process should not last long. If it goes beyond a month seek medical advice from your doctor.

Greasy hair

Propylene Glycol was used in the original formulation which made hair greasy and sticky and difficult to manage. As the hair may already have been thin, making it heavy with Rogaine made it appear even thinner!

However, Rogaine Foam recently came on the market and this seems to address the problem. Rogaine Foam is only for men so women have to persevere with the 2% version, although this doesn’t cause the hair to be as greasy as the extra strength 5% version.

It is important for potential users to realize when evaluating Rogaine side effects that a long term commitment is needed when using this medication. Perseverance is needed and some recommend using it for six months or so before coming to a conclusion on whether it is working for you or not. A twice daily application is very important.

So Rogaine side effects may only result in some scalp irritation for a majority of users. In other cases, effects on blood circulation may make it advisable not to try this hair loss treatment option. If in doubt, discuss the Rogaine side effects which concern you with your medical practitioner.

Source by Mike Jones

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