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2 Best Ways to Get Rid of Tinea Versicolor Fast, Easy and Free


Are you suffering from tinea versicolor and really want to know the best way to get rid of tinea versicolor fast with ease? Here is something that will really help you clear the irritated skin and achieve a clean bill of health without painful medication.

You have being to the doctor several times to get medication but after using the medication and it clears, just when you begin to feel you are free, then an outbreak occurs again. This is an indication that the medication will not permanently help you get rid of ringworm like you might have thought.

Recurrence happens because medication is not the best way to go when it comes to the best way to get rid of tinea versicolor fast. The best treatment for ringworm is using natural home remedies that have being proven over time to clear up ringworm both internally and externally. In fact it has no side effects.

So what are the natural home remedies to get rid of tinea versicolor?

1. Vinegar
Vinegar has great effect on ringworm and it can be used to get rid of the infection fast. To effectively make use vinegar, clean up the affected area first, pour distilled vinegar in a clean bowl, dip a clean towel in the bowl of distilled vinegar and rub on the infected areas of the skin, leave to dry up.

2. Mustard Seeds
Mustard seed is also very useful when you want to get rid of tinea versicolor fast with ease. Get powdered mustard seed, add some water and make into a thick paste, spread over the infected area of the skin but before that, the affected skin area must be thoroughly washed with warm water. Leave the paste for half an hour; wash away with cool water afterward.

These two home remedies are just a few among numerous remedies that are readily available in our living home or in a nearby groceries store. So now that you know your best bet to successfully get rid ringworm permanently is the home remedies, you need to forget all you have being told by health practitioners who just wants to keep taking your hard earned cash.

These natural home remedies can really make much difference in your skin and also help you get rid of tinea versicolor permanently without pain and stress. Home remedies can help address both internal and external causes of the infection which prevents any recurrence.

Source by Olufemi Adegboyegun-King

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